Graphic Design

I have over a decade of experience as a graphic designer, working both in-house, and as an independent freelancer. My skills span a variety of disciplines, including logo and identity design, packaging, print collateral, and photographic art direction. I’ve worked for a diverse range of clients over the years, including Sega Europe, Nike, Interbrew, Marks & Spencer, and the University of Glasgow, and you can view a few examples of my work below:



These abstract geometrical t-shirt designs were created for my clothing brand Type One Future. I've always been a huge fan of t-shirt graphics, and so started the project to indulge my love for this ubiquitous form of personal communication.

The brand name was inspired by a John D. Barrow book called 'Impossibility' that discusses the future of science. He lists four potential futures, with 'type one' involving an unlimited store of information to be uncovered in nature, and an unlimited human capacity for discovery - a concept I find particularly pleasing.