Nature Photography, Graphic Design & Science Communication






Hello! I'm Paul Jerem.
A creative type with 'a bit of a thing' about science and nature.

I'm an early-career research biologist, interested in using physiology to understand ecological function in wild animals. You can find out more about the science I'm involved with over on my ResearchGate profile.

This website is about the nature photography, graphic design and science communication things I get up to, when I'm not doing research:


I've been capturing images of nature since 2005, when I discovered my love of photography during a trip to New Zealand. Since then, I've developed a diverse portfolio and have had my work featured in a variety of publications. 


With over a decade of experience working as a graphic designer for clients large and small, my expertise spans a range of disciplines, including logo and identity design, packaging, and print collateral.


I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of communicating complex ideas to non-scientific audiences, and have developed skills in science communication through work for television, print, and live audiences.